John Bishop & The Launch of 'Kigali to Congo'

Did you see Liverpudlian comedian John Bishop on the trail of mountain gorillas in Rwanda on ITV over Christmas? If not, I highly recommend it, partly because you will come away with an accurate idea of what to expect from one of the world's great wildlife experiences but also because Bishop manages to get away from the jungle, into the saddle and even onto the football pitch and in doing so, gets to know some Rwandans. 

In fact, almost everything he did, you can do on our new Kigali to Congo tour, which takes you from Kigali, Rwanda's capital, to the border with its troublesome neighbour, the Democratic Republic of Congo, via an encounter with mountain gorillas. This is a Rwanda that very few tourists have ever seen, and we're offering it at a significant discount in February 2016 on a trip led by me. It has been more than two years since I moved back to the UK from Kigali and I cannot wait to return with some Slow Cyclists in tow.  

John Bishop Gorilla Adventure Rwanda