George Butler in Transylvania

I was interested to read the other day that the illustrator and adventurer George Butler, known for covering Afghanistan, Syria and many more of the world's trouble spots, was recently drawn to working in Transylvania. 

He partnered with an organisation we're proud to be teaming up with this June, the Global Heritage Fund, to attempt to illustrate life in the Carpathian villages of Transylvania (the very ones that The Slow Cyclist knows so well), where he spent two seasons living with locals and capturing what he concluded was a fast-vanishing way of life: 

What strikes me most about George's project is not the illustrations, although they are fantastic; it's the fact that in order to produce this series he spent two seasons studying the region and getting to know his subjects. These days it's so easy to pull an iPhone out and snap a photo without knowing anything about one's subject. George's approach, to immerse himself in his subject so that each illustration becomes not just a snapshot, but a work of art, seems far more honest and authentic. 

We try to take a similar approach with travel. 

From 2-6 June The Slow Cyclist is rolling through the Saxon Villages of Transylvania with the Global Heritage Fund to discover the work they're doing in preserving the traditions and architecture in this idyllic corner of Europe. For more information click here. There are 5 places left so if you'd like to join us please get in touch by emailing or calling us on +44 (0) 20 7060 4487.