Storygram #2: A Walk Among the Flowers

Once a month we are posting one of our favourite photos from our Instagram feed and expanding on the story behind it. Here is our entry for June 2016 (yes, we're a little behind the times; it's been a busy summer!)

Nicola Brooksbank Transylvania

In the second week of June our Transylvanian guides and I hosted a group of ladies from the UK. Each year they spend a few days cycling on the continent and this summer's trip was the first time they have entrusted the organisation to someone else, so the pressure was on...

Back in the middle of 2015 I spent several weeks creating an itinerary I thought they would love. We moved each day and it consisted mostly of cycling, but there were a few sections I thought would be better suited to walking or horse and cart.

This photo was taken during one of our walks. Clemmie, my wife, took it. Cornel, one of our local guides and a recently elected local councillor, is on his haunches. We had been walking for a couple of hours, first through Cornel's hay meadow above the village he has lived in his whole life, and then through abundant beech forests. There had been a downpour overnight which meant plenty of bear paw prints - some larger than my size 12 boot print - to keep us on our toes.  

From the forest we descended through staggeringly rich wildflower meadows - soon to be scythed for hay for the village's cattle - and progress slowed as we inspected tens of species we hadn't seen all season. Eventually we reached William Blacker's village, where the author himself was waiting to welcome us with a cup of tea and tales of his bear sighting the previous day. 

Writing this brings back great memories of a wonderful week!