The Transcaucasian Trail

This week The Slow Cyclist trotted along to the Royal Geographical Society where a friend of ours, Tom Allen, gave a talk about the past year of his life. Luckily, he's spent it doing something interesting, and we think you should know about it; perhaps even watch the film of his talk, at the bottom of this post. 

Tom won the Jaguar Land Rover Bursary in 2016 and subsequently set off for Georgia and Armenia with a group of adventurers, cartographers and outdoor experts to explore and map, in unprecedented detail, the remote wilderness of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. Their aim is to create the The Transcaucasian Trail, a world-class trail network across the Georgia, Armenia and Azerbajan, linking a number of existing and proposed national parks in the region.

 Look, it's Team Slow Cyclist, at the RGS! Can you spot us?

What an endeavour, and what an adventure! We think you should know about The Transcaucasian Trail because it's huge news for the Caucasus, and the Caucasus is somewhere that really needs to be on your 'I'm going there soon' list. It is an incredible land of mountains, steppe, forest, grassland and, most importantly, hospitality the like of which you've almost certainly never received anywhere else, ever.

If you'd like to know more about what Tom and his team are doing we recommend you watch his fascinating talk below. And if you can't wait for the trail and want to get in and have a look around before others do, then we still have a few spots available to join us this June to cycle through the winelands of Kakheti and walk amid the high pastures and mountains of Tusheti. 

Join us for Vineyards, Mountains & Wildflowers of Georgia, 10-18 June 2017
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