Romania, by Drone

Every now and again a film comes along that is so beautiful we just have to share it. And on New Year's Eve we came across this film by Bogdan Teodorescu which is not only beautiful, but relevant: its subject is Romania, a country that is packed with the most awe-inspiring scenery, history, architecture and a lot of very nice people. And of course it's a country in which we love cycling. We hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year!

A Girl on the Arizona Trail

This inspiring film got us dreaming of new adventures here at The Slow Cyclist HQ and we just had to share it with you. 

It’s about Lael Wilcox, an ultra-distance ‘bikepacker,' who attempted to tackle the immense 750 mile Arizona Trail, through pine forests, deserts and searing heat from the Utah border in the north all the way to Mexico. 

It stood out for us at The Slow Cyclist as a moving story of a girl who combines her love of cycling, travel and adventure to take on a challenge which only four women have ever completed; a tale of courage, solitude, adversity and some deep, deep mental strength.

Watch it. It’s wonderful.

The Important Places

This film moved us to tears at The Slow Cyclist HQ last week; and again this morning. It's about a poem the narrator's father wrote for him when he was born; a warning never to forget the path that leads back to The Important Places: "the cave behind the waterfall, the arms of the oak that hold you high, the stars so near on a desert ledge."

Years later, with the old man's health failing, they take a journey down the Colorado River and the result is a beautiful reminder that however old we are, and whatever we've done with our lives, we're all still trying to find that path. 

You must watch it, and then send it to your parents. 

Afghan Cycles: Watch & Vote

The media makes it easy to feel despondent about the state of so much of the world. Here at The Slow Cyclist, perhaps because of the nature of the places we lead bicycle tours, we like to focus on the good stuff; to look beyond easy preconceptions, towards things that inspiring people all over the world are doing to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

We don’t pretend to know much about women’s cycling in Afghanistan, but earlier this week when we came across the trailer for Afghan Cycles, directed by Sarah Menzies, we were were truly moved. The final film, currently in post-production, tells the story of a group of brave Afghan women who, in 2012, began a journey they hoped would see them compete internationally as the Afghan Women’s Cycling Team. Their efforts have gone on to spark a debate about women’s rights in a country where almost every aspect of public life is male-dominated. They were recently nominated for the 2016 National Geographic Adventurers of the Year. They get our vote, and they can get yours here

Two more ways to smash preconceptions: cycle across Rwanda or Transylvania