From Ride London to Slow Cycling

I was thrilled this morning to receive the following email  from an old friend:

Dear Oli,
I had rather an aggressive outing at Ride London and have been paying the price in creaking joints this week. Anyway, it led me to have a rather pedestrian ride in this morning and I found it extremely agreeable. Firstly, I was overtaken a lot which I quite enjoyed. Secondly, I noticed things and buildings I had never seen before and I even took a slightly different route for fun.
This slow cycling lark could catch on you know... 


Appreciating one's surroundings and keeping route options open are just two of the things that 'slow cycling' is all about. I am pleased someone else agrees - thank you Salvo!

But what does 'slow cycling' mean to you?

 Salvo (second from left) at the end of the 100 mile Ride London last weekend. 

Salvo (second from left) at the end of the 100 mile Ride London last weekend. 

The World's Best Road

This is The Transfăgărășan. It is, quite simply, an astonishing bicycle climb.

Built by Romanian soldiers between 1970 and 1974 at the behest of the country's former dictator, Nicolae Ceaucescu, some say it's little more than a megalomaniac's folly. But it's a folly that Jeremy Clarkson said was 'the world's best road.' There are sections that cycling enthusiasts believe would be considered Hors Categorie in the Tour de France. That is to say they are 'uncategorizable.'

Conquer it, and others like it, with us this summer. Get in touch.