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At The Slow Cyclist we design and lead cycling trips to places we know like the back of our hand, where we’re confident that without us our guests would be missing out on many of the best things to see and do. Our story began in October 2009 when, dissatisfied with a City career, our Founder Oli Broom quit his job, jumped on a bike and cycled to Australia to watch the Ashes cricket series. It took him 412 days which means that, by any definition, he is a bona fide slow cyclist. A book followed. Cycling to the Ashes: A Cricketing Odyssey from London to Brisbane was published by Random House in July 2013. A few people read it, including Ian Botham, who told Oli that he thought it was pathetic he didn’t turn around and cycle home again. He didn’t rise to the bait. Instead, he took a job building an unlikely but much-needed home for cricket in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. He lived there for two years, at weekends exploring all corners of the country by bike, and returned home in 2013 intent on taking others to experience Rwanda, and other beautiful parts of the world, by bicycle.
The Slow Cyclist was born.



Although we work with a number of talented guides and hosts in various locations around the world, our core London-based team is still small, meaning you can expect a highly personal service from the moment you first contact us to the successful operation of your trip, and beyond. 

Oli Broom Cycling

OLI BROOM, Managing Director

Oli founded The Slow Cyclist in 2014 after spending the early part of his career in the City of London. It was a bike ride from the UK to Australia in 2010 that established a love of bicycle travel and a desire to show others wonderful parts of the world on two wheels soon followed. 

“I particularly love service. We hold ourselves to a high standard and aim to give every single one of our guests the best holiday of their life. Receiving the feedback that we do is immensely satisfying."

Contact: Oli looks after the journeys we lead in Transylvania and Rwanda and an be contacted on +44(0)7540 441 485 or 

Duncan Grossart, The Slow Cyclist


Duncan joined The Slow Cyclist in January 2018 after 15 years running a successful photography agency. It is a lifelong passion for travel that attracted him to the ways of slow cycling and, as he and a group of friends are currently attempting to cycle to Australia, leg by leg over 25 years, he is most definitely on brand. Duncan is leading our efforts to expand into new regions and as a connoisseur of fine wines, has jumped with abandon at the chance to lead our Tuscan efforts in 2018. 

Contact: Duncan looks after the journeys we lead in Tuscany and can be contacted on +44(0)7866 369 520 or

 Sally joined us in 2016, fresh off the boat from Thailand, where he spent two years working in the cycle tourism industry, and before that Australia. 


Sally joined The Slow Cyclist in March 2016 after 12 years living and working for a number of major international brands in Australia, then Thailand. It is fair to say she seems to have fallen in love with Transylvania, in particular, having hosted a number of trips over the past couple of years. 

“Transylvania is one of the most wonderful places I have visited and it’s always rewarding introducing our guests to this fascinating and beautiful part of the world.”

Contact: Sally looks after the journeys we lead in Transylvania and Rwanda and can be contacted on 
+44(0)7407 126 140 or




We believe that travel is worth taking time over; that a great holiday means getting under the skin of a place. A bicycle journey is a wonderful way to do this. We like to think of our guests as curious, open-minded travellers with some juice in their legs. They love seeing the surprises that come with a few turns of the pedal - around the next bend, up the next hill. Sometimes they ride hard - slow cycling doesn't necessarily mean easy cycling - but often they're distracted by the food, history landscapes and people that make our chosen destinations so special. 'Slow Cycling' is a way of life, and whether you like pottering along dusty back-roads, inching your way up soaring mountains or winding your way through wildflower meadows, we know that with us you will get the most out of your time on - and off - the bike.


"Let's be honest: slow and steady doesn't win the race. But it definitely has
more fun along the way and comes home with better stories"

Tim Moore, Author & Fellow Slow Cyclist




The Slow Cyclist designs journeys with local people and environments in mind. We believe that a successful journey not only delivers a unique and amazing experience for you, but also benefits the people whose lives we touch along the way. That is why we don't just work with one supplier in each destination; why we build our trips from the ground up. Through friendships forged in each country we are able to call on the skills and interests of a huge variety of local characters to entertain, cook, inform and inspire. In a nutshell, we support individuals and small-scale businesses, not big ones.

In addition, over the past three years we have donated just over £2,000 to charities that work in the places we visit. In 2018 we will again be donating a small amount from each trip.

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