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"We absolutely loved every minute. Your team were completely amazing – they seemed to know what we wanted before we knew ourselves! I don’t know how you find such lovely places to stay and have our lunches. We so enjoyed the wine tastings and the bees and the botanist was an inspiration. Your team made it a very special holiday."

Penny White - Transylvania, June 2018

"Above and beyond any expectation we might have had. I did think the country would be beautiful and it didn’t disappoint but the attention to detail by the team was beyond superb from start to finish. Bree is an effervescent character, her wonderful Aussie ‘can do’ attitude shone through, a lovely girl to spend the week with in every way.  Szabi and Lori too, completely ‘read’ us as a group. Both of them a fountain of knowledge and information on every question we fired at them."

Catriona Larthe - Transylvania, June 2018



"Thank you for one of the best holidays we have ever had. It was pure magic from beginning to end. We have been riding on a high ever since returning home and have been telling everyone about our marvellous time in Romania. The real purpose of this email is to say a big, big thank you to you, Sergio, and Marco for looking after us so well and for being such fun people to be with. They say the more you put into life the more you get out… our case all the work you put in certainly
made such a difference to us."

Nigel Savory - Transylvania, May 2018



 "I really have nothing but praise for the team from The Slow Cyclist following our trip to Romania. Charming, helpful, fun, and full of knowledge of the local area. Each day held a new surprise and all of them wonderful. A holiday to remember forever for all the right reasons!"

Henry Cator - Transylvania, June 2018



"It was the most wonderful holiday and I think we’re all now hooked on it being a brilliant way to spend time feeling slightly fit and deserving of too much delicious food and copious amounts of wine. You laid on the most marvellous picnics in enchanting settings and all the people we met through The Slow Cyclist were as interesting to hear from as their enthusiasm was catching."

Sara Cator - Transylvania, June 2018



"It lived up to expectation in every respect, starting with Dan and his bears, and then our bicycle trip through some of the most extraordinary villages and wonderful countryside." 

Charles Foster - Transylvania, May 2018



I never thought I’d end up on an e-bike but it was such fun, whizzing up the hills and being able to appreciate the view without needing a defibrillator or oxygen! Every day brought something new and unexpected - from the history of the region, the spectacular scenery, the beautifully presented (and abundant) food and the company of kindred spirits who were keen to explore this extraordinary part of the world. I have to say that having been on several organised cycle tours, I’ve not experienced the care for guests and enthusiasm
for a region that The Slow Cyclist has."

Mary McAdam - Transylvania, May 2018



"A brilliant trip in every way and I cannot sing the praises of your team enough, their enthusiasm, attention to detail and passion for the trip and Romania was evident at every moment from Szabi’s singing to Bree’s search for a shepherd’s hat, Sergiu’s violin-playing, love of the countryside, forests and cycling, fascinating discussions about Romanian history and the present challenges and the unforgettable gypsy music and dancing on our last night. They did really seem to be enjoying the trip as much as we were and they were all the time working so hard to make it so perfect for us!"

Claire Birch - Transylvania, May 2018


"Everyone loved it... a huge success all round."

Serena Prest - Tuscany, May 2018


"I can't think of a better way to spend quality time with friends and family. An exceptional experience from start to finish."

Rick Wates - Transylvania, May 2018

"I am sitting in Sibiu airport reflecting on what has been the most wonderful few days. Transylvania is a truly remarkable and unique place... one of the most beautiful and interesting places I have ever been. It has given me some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike and I have met charming, passionate and friendly people. Their enthusiasm was infectious and this was all before one considers the history, landscape, abundance of unspoilt nature. I could go on. Thank you!"

Tom Salvesen - Transylvania, April 2018



"What made Ride East Africa the best trip of my life? Amazing people, an amazing setting, and an amazing personal challenge.  And thanks to the Slow Cyclist all those components got to shine." 

Laura Church-Ferguson - Ride East Africa, November 2017

"The most perfect trip. I don’t know how you’ve managed to find all the incredible behind-closed-doors secrets that you have, but there were just never ending delights in the shape of palinka, kittens, super chic bedrooms, gypsies, famous authors, home cooked meals, illustrious lawyers, Romanian romantics, cabbage lasagna, serenades. You’ve created such a wonderful product." 

Eliza Bailey, Beyond Luxury - Transylvania, October 2017

"We had an absolutely brilliant time, the highlight of our time in Rwanda - even surpassing the gorillas."

Kevin Deery - Rwanda, August 2017

"What a superb holiday and experience we had with The Slow Cyclist - top of our list of fantastic holidays. Thank you for making this so wonderful in every way.  You really do seem to think of everything. A bonus to come home feeling very fit and healthy even though we got through a good quantity of food and wine along the way!"

Julian & Catherine Taylor - Transylvania, June 2017



"Absolutely fabulous. It truly was amazing and I wish I could do it again. I will recommend The Slow Cyclist and this Rwanda trip to everyone I know." 

William Skerrett - Rwanda, June 2017

"The trip was a triumph.  Loved by all."

Edward van Cutsem - Transylvania, May 2017



"Our favourite ever holiday. Everything was an absolute delight from the cycling, accommodation, food, the guides and all the small surprises. Authentic and so beautiful. Will, Szabi and Dan were absolutely fantastic. We want to come with you to Transylvania again next year. Please let me know when the trips are available to book for 2018. "

Jaqueline Enoch - Transylvania, July 2017


"I have to say that I was really impressed by your team, your philosophy, your operation and your delivery."

Toby Fenwick-Wilson - Transylvania, May 2017



"I can't tell you how often we have talked about our biking holiday. We still dream about what a wonderful time we had. I want to do it all over again."

Molly Ronan - Transylvania, June 2017



"That really was the most fabulous holiday. The first day setting off from Viscri, seeing the wildflowers, Monica's delicious lunch under the trees and then our cycle through the woods and meadows home again was pure magic and one of my happiest days ever. You made us feel as we were the only ones who had ever been up a hill in a pony and cart to drink wine as the sun set. Also what was marvellous was never having to think about a plan or divide up a bill, you had done it all."

Louisa & Ed Woods - Transylvania, June 2017



"You were responsible for the most marvellous, exciting and interesting holiday and your management of us was superb! From the moment we met the three of you at the entrance to the Richis guest house I knew we would be ok. Your support team was also very special, and we were looked after so very well; a good example is when we were walking or cycling and I was flagging a little, Szabi would suddenly point out the beautiful scenery, the flowers or just the peace of the countryside – simply to remind me why we were there and to enjoy our surrounds."

Bella & Richard Flood - Transylvania, June 2017



"Thank you for the most fantastic week. Your team is great, always thoughtful and full of so much information about the country. Eating in homes and visiting the churches and villages... it was like going back a hundred years. We really felt like we had a proper taste of Transylvania." 

Sasha van Vredenburch - Transylvania, May 2017


"Thank you for a most wonderful trip to Transylvania.  There were many highlights but if we had to pick out a few (apart from the stunning scenery) we would go for the lovely picnic in the woods with home-made pork pies, the barbecue with local dancers, Sergiu playing his violin and of course the company. We will be looking to see where else you might be planning cycle trips although Georgia (for next year) is tempting already!"

Paul & Tina Over - Transylvania, April 2017



"Simply fantastic. I honestly can’t put it into words. The Slow Cyclist team were superb and all of the extra surprises really did make the trip so special. Your Rwandan guides were just awesome – so much fun to be with all week you couldn’t help but love them."

Kerry Jackson - Fundraising, Hope & Homes for Children, Rwanda, September 2016



"It was such a wonderful, extraordinary time you gave us I will never forget. Every single surprise you organised for us was not better than the last but of equal thrill. I felt you took us into every part of the Transylvanian culture, history, people and also a touch of politics via Cornel. Sergiu's enthusiasm matched with his knowledge for the history was totally absorbing. Most extraordinary of all was the interaction, laughs and fun we had with you all. It goes without saying we never expected such comfortable beds, hot water, delicious food and all the flowing wine you provided. I have told various friends that two of the party were gluten free and that they were catered for at every single meal. You wouldn't get that with many tour operators. If that is what you are! But it certainly doesn't describe you and your team!" 

Helen Raikes - Transylvania, June 2016



"An absolutely fantastic trip. I just wish it was longer! I have been singing your praises to everyone I know and have a lot of jealous friends and colleagues."

Darcy Ahl - Transylvania, July 2016


"Ride Rwanda was impeccably organised. The trip of a lifetime."

Mark Grinonneau - Rwanda, September 2016



"Truly memorable. The team were constantly attentive. The knowledge of the guides was immense. We would wholeheartedly recommend this trip, sooner rather than later as (Transylvania) can’t be kept a secret forever." 

Patsy & Richard Batchelor - Transylvania, October 2016

"Brilliant holiday. Unique."

Christopher Newton - Transylvania, June 2016 & 2017



"We really got a good feel of life in Transylvania and the whole experience was hugely enriching."

Geraldine Higson - Transylvania, October 2016



"You were so hospitable, and the range and depth of the things you kept us busy with was truly special."

James Beazley - Transylvania, July 2016



"I so enjoyed my week with you, can't believe how much you spoiled us. Enormous thanks...I won't forget that holiday."

Felicity Nicol - Transylvania, June 2016



"A fabulous holiday...thank you so much. The scenery, the flowers, the forests, the history, the beauty of it all spoke for itself, but the thought and extra touches that you put in made all the difference. A surprise around nearly every corner!
Both Cornel and Sergiu were brilliant and we felt very lucky to be guided by such qualified and nice people." 

Tania Ruck-Keene - Transylvania, June 2016



"Thank you for making Paul's birthday such a huge success. I was very impressed by the hard work you all put in and every single thing I took part in was wonderful. I had never tried mountain biking and I am a complete convert thanks to the unbelievably beautiful route and brilliant bikes. Perhaps the lunch in the meadow was the unforgettable experience but it is too hard to judge. In a word - marvellous. I hope to see you soon back in Romania or perhaps Georgia!"

Marianne de Giorgio - Transylvania, May 2016



"Thank you for the seamless organisation of a truly amazing weekend in a charming world. Everything was perfectly organised - transfers, accommodation, trips, guides, meals. We enjoyed every moment. You were all just brilliant."

Peter Hope - Transylvania, May 2016



"I can't begin to tell you quite how much I enjoyed my holiday. I was so eagerly anticipating my Slow Cyclist experience and everything about it exceeded my hopes. With your knowledge of the countryside and attention to detail you have created something really special. I can't think of a single thing I would change. Rural Transylvania is so beautiful and I was completely captivated by your friends and their hospitality and all the places we stayed in."

Sarah Robinson - June 2016



"What a really, really marvellous time we had in ravishing Transylvania! We are all quite obsessed with it and can't thank you enough for all the behind the scenes work you and your splendid team did to make everything so easy and so enjoyable for us. Slow Cycling certainly delivered everything I had hoped for and far well organised without being in any way officious. The food was unbelievably good and food here is going to taste so bland. The picnics, particularly with the wagon and the foal running alongside, were so special it seemed like a dream. I really loved the cycling and was never once made to feel like the rather wobbly and breathless cyclist that I actually am. I really didn't want to leave and intend to return."

Eithne O'Sullivan Webb - Transylvania, May 2016



"Outstanding. All delivered with serene efficiency and a personal touch."

Philippa John - Transylvania, May 2016


"The best holiday I've ever been on."

Andrew Wright - Transylvania, September 2015


"It was great to have some truly local guides as well as someone sensitive enough to bridge the cultural divides! All the local people we met, places we visited and people we ate with added to the authenticity of the trip and made us feel we experienced Romania in a way we would never have been able to if it hadn’t been for the uniqueness of your tour. Everywhere we stayed was beautiful and to be able to explore by bike without carrying any of our stuff was a real treat. Thank you so much for such an amazing week."

Emma Metters - Transylvania, September 2015


"An unforgettable weekend."

Francesca Barra - Transylvania, May 2016


“Lush valleys, terraced hillsides, monster volcanoes... Rwanda’s dramatic landscape just doesn’t quit and biking it was the perfect way to soak in the epic scenery and energy of the people we met. Every day provided something new as we moved across the country. Thrilling and beautiful with every pedal stroke. What a trip!”

John Heermans - Rwanda, November 2015



"It was absolutely amazing, and exceeded my expectations in every way. The cycling was more interesting, challenging and varied than I'd expected. The sense of freedom whizzing down the hills, and weaving through the trees was awesome! The non-cycling experiences couldn't have been any more authentic - lunch in the barn, wandering through orchards, making a tile, meeting William Blacker, seeing the shepherds, the wandering livestock, rolling through villages observing people going about their daily life... I bet when most people think of Romania quality food isn't the first thing to spring to mind. It was all absolutely delicious - so fresh, local and tasty, and was definitely one of the highlights. And being a mum of 3 and not having to think about buying or preparing a single meal or snack for the entire time was luxury! So now I'm left wondering where on earth I am going to go next and what I could do that will match this experience!"

Rebecca Evans - Transylvania, September 2015



“I think the word 'unique' is bandied about way too often in travel, but I really think that’s appropriate in this case. My head is overflowing with great memories. Now I’ve got Rwanda under my belt, I’m looking forward to Transylvania next year!”

Will Hide worked on the travel desk of The Times for 12 years and now writes on travel in a freelance capacity for most UK national newspapers and many magazines. He cycled with The Slow Cyclist in Rwanda in November 2015.



"I've been reflecting on the past week and how amazing it all was. I had very little idea of what to expect from the trip but witnessing village life from the seat of a bicycle, meeting old wooden carts drawn by horses on tiny paths, cycling through fields and coming across sheep stations/cheese-makers, being welcomed into local houses to eat and sleep, eating just-picked fruit and drinking milk that was pretty much straight from the cows next door are all things that I had not bargained for, and are memories that I am sure will not shake. I am slightly averse to group tours by definition so I loved that this trip didn't feel like one. It had an air of the bespoke about it, or rather, like plans could easily be changed to accommodate weather, pace and preferences, or unforeseen events like archery competitions, building site visits and tea with old-mate authors! I thought Cornel and Sergiu were hilarious and fantastic. Their willingness to share their knowledge of the history and culture of the region was a delight. At the expense of sounding cheesy, because they were so warm and quirky, I stopped seeing them purely as our guides after about an hour. I had so many laughs with both of them. Your own passion for Romania was infective and I've found myself already thinking about my return trip. Thank you Oli for a really incredible experience and one that I will not forget in a hurry."

Nicky Mathieson - Transylvania, September 2015


"I had the best time... you looked after us all brilliantly. Thank you for such a great trip."

Andrew Ferguson - Transylvania, September 2015


"You have created a truly unique way of experiencing Transylvania. I absolutely loved every minute, from watching the cows come home to eating in people's homes, the beautiful countryside and the wonderful accommodation. The cycling challenged me too, which is always a good thing. Thank you!"

Hayley Fay - Transylvania, September 2015



"It was so special for our guests to see up close the villages the Global Heritage Fund UK is helping to restore, to meet the people who live there, experience the fantastic local food and drink and come back transfixed by this magical place."

Cathy Giangrande, Director, Global Heritage Fund UK - Transylvania, June 2015



"Thank you for an amazing trip. I feel very lucky to have discovered that part of the world before too many others! It really did feel like a little piece of heaven."

Catherine Tytherleigh - Transylvania, June 2015



"There is nothing more thrilling than arriving in a quiet, untouched village and chancing upon a gypsy horse and cart, trotting to deliver milk to the dairy, or laden with hay. These are experiences which cannot be manufactured and that I will always treasure. You and your team delivered such experiences in spades."  

Chris Wills - Transylvania, June 2015
(To read Chris' Blog Post about the trip click here)



"I fell in love with Transylvania. Our 3 day trip felt like we were away for weeks as it was so instantly immersive. It was the ideal way to switch off from the daily grind, get fit and healthy in stunning countryside and discover an enchanting country in a very unique and fun way. Everyone we met and stayed with were so welcoming and relaxed and it felt effortlessly organised. Highly recommended!"

Lucy Howkins - Transylvania, May 2015



"Home cooking rather than restaurant food was a real highlight. And the place – tranquil, inspiring. Incredible in every way. Thank you"

Tom Hanslein - Transylvania, June 2015



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