Two-Wheels & Transylvania Truffles

This is one for foodies. The Saxon Villages of Transylvania are always extraordinary but come October, something special lurks in the ancient oak forests: black truffles. As Autumn’s rich colours emerge, join us on a fully-supported bicycle journey through this idyllic corner of Europe and, on two days, accompany Transylvania’s foremost truffle hunter and his trained dogs in search of one of nature’s most valuable edible commodities. Over four days in the saddle you will cover approximately 80 miles on forest trails, horse and cart tracks and quiet backroads through a land of staggering natural and cultural beauty; indulge in simple, fresh and delicious Transylvanian food at the most abundant time of year, eating traditional meals prepared for you in local homes; visit UNESCO-protected villages and fortified churches; sleep in wonderful traditional cottages and guest houses; witness a rural way of life that has changed little for centuries; But above all relax, take the opportunity to slow down and pedal at your own pace through a land of staggering natural and cultural beauty.