The Slow Journal No. 1

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The things that caught our eye this week were:

Kings of the Yukon – Adam Weymouth’s dazzling memoir, and warning about lost biodiversity

Podcast – the latest on a Covid vaccine, and the possibilities for travel with Sir John Bell

The British Pilgrimage Trust – looking for the perfect job? Here it is.

Rwanda – what’s it like trekking to see gorillas in the time of Covid?

The News East Photo Prize 2020 – winner announced

Il Pescatore Completo – a celebration of one man’s mastery of an ancient fishing technique (see below)

We also let our subscribers know that, perhaps against the odds, we have just finished a busy autumn in Zagori, a wonderfully remote corner northern Greece. We’re now inviting private groups to take the last couple of weeks available in May and June 2021. Read all about Zagori.

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