Tuscany is known as one of Italy’s, and the world’s, most beautiful and engaging travel destinations. But our knowledge of the hills to the west of Siena means that you can cycle and walk for miles without seeing another soul. It’s a wild side of Tuscany, home to a vast array of wildlife, remote forests and meadows as well as, of course, some of the best home cooking and wine to be found anywhere.



We invite our guests to join us on journeys through the hills and forests between Volterra and Siena, a land that feels a million miles away from the tourist centres of Florence, Siena and San Gimignano. It is a less obvious side to one of Italy’s most celebrated regions, and just as beautiful. Of course, you will find medieval hilltop citadels, rolling hills and sumptuous home-cooked food, but you will also experience a land dotted with vast forests and brimming with age-old farming and winemaking customs. Each spring and autumn we host a small number of private groups and we also schedule dates and invite you to join us.

 The best holiday I’ve ever been on. 

Andrew Wright


You can experience Tuscany with us in a number of ways so please take a look at the options below. When you’re ready, drop us a line and we will happily answer any questions or send you sample itineraries.


A couple of times each year we schedule dates and put together a group of up to 12 people to enjoy a 5-day fully supported and guided journey. We would love you to join us in 2019. All offer a mix of cycling and walking – the perfect way to explore the varied landscapes of the region – with flexibility built in so that those feeling more – or less – energetic get precisely the holiday they want.


We are specialists in the creation of unique, flexible, expertly guided cycling and walking journeys for small groups of friends. As with all our journeys, expect wonderful gourmet picnics in castle ruins, a series of experts to guide you through the various stories of the region and plenty of surprises as you meander your way through this remote corner of Tuscany. Our customary attention to detail and high quality service has been winning us rave reviews since the very first private group we welcomed in 2015.


Tuscany is a magnificent place to cycle, but it’s also a walkers paradise, with plenty of shade offered by extensive forests before you emerge out of the cool air to enjoy another astonishing view. Our depth of local knowledge means we’re able to offer exceptional walking experiences for those who want to see the best of the place, but for whom the thought of a few days on two wheels does not appeal. Available for private groups only.


Tuscany was the homeland of the Etruscans, annexed by Rome in 351 BC. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, it came under a succession of rulers based around several city states including Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Pistoia, Lucca and Florence. Over time, Florence rose in importance, with the Medici family providing huge wealth for the flourishing art and culture of the Renaissance. In the 18th century, the Medici dynasty came to an end and, after a succession of Austrian Dukes of Lorraine, Tuscany joined the kingdom of Italy in 1861. Florence was then capital of Italy from 1865 to 1871. The region’s incredible history means that today it’s a wonderful place to spend time slowly exploring. And very much part of Tuscany’s story are its food and wine, both particularly enjoyable after a day on the move in the outdoors. Local food is essentially simple fare, with the best fresh ingredients bringing out local flavours. Tuscan wine is world renowned, home to Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and the ‘Super Tuscans.’ The region also has an amazing and flourishing array of wildlife in national parks, wildlife reserves, mountains and vast woodland areas. Deep in the Tuscan countryside you may come across hare, deer, porcupines, badgers, red foxes, pheasants, wolves, wild boar, eagles, hawks and tawny owls. So keep your eyes peeled as you pedal along!

 I can't tell you how often we have talked about our biking holiday. We still dream about what a wonderful time we had. I want to do it all over again. 

Molly Ronan