Where It All Began

Our story began in October 2009 when, dissatisfied with a career in London, Oli Broom quit his job, jumped on a bike and cycled to Australia to watch the Ashes cricket series. It took him 412 days which means that, by any definition, he is a bona fide slow cyclist. A book followed. Cycling to the Ashes: A Cricketing Odyssey from London to Brisbane was published July 2013, while Oli was living and working in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, leading a charity project to build an unlikely but much-needed home for cricket in the country. He lived there for two years, at weekends exploring all corners of the country by bike, and returned home in 2013 intent on taking others to experience Rwanda, and other beautiful parts of the world, by bicycle. The Slow Cyclist is the result and our mission is to go the extra mile to give our guests incredible slow travel experiences with impeccable service at their core.


Why Slow?

We believe that travel is worth taking time over; that a great holiday means getting under the skin of a place. A bicycle journey is a wonderful way to do this. We like to think of our guests as curious, open-minded travellers with some juice in their legs. They love seeing the surprises that come with a few turns of the pedal – around the next bend, up the next hill. Sometimes they ride hard – slow cycling doesn’t necessarily mean easy cycling – but often they’re distracted by the food, history landscapes and people that make our chosen destinations so special. ‘Slow Cycling’ is a way of life, and whether you like pottering along dusty back-roads, inching your way up soaring mountains or winding your way through wildflower meadows, we know that with us you will get the most out of your time on – and off – the bike.

 Let's be honest: slow and steady doesn't win the race. But it definitely has more fun along the way and comes home with better stories. 

Tim Moore, Author & Fellow Slow Cyclist

The Slow Journal

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