The very best travel experiences are often enjoyed in the company of family and great friends. Many of our guests choose to travel privately, usually in groups of between eight and twelve, though sometimes fewer, and for anything from four to fourteen days. We build every trip from scratch, according to our guests’ needs, creating a journey perfectly suited to you.

If you would like an idea of the sorts of experiences we can create in each of our destinations, have a look at our list of scheduled journeys. Please bear in mind that we have a network of experts we often call on to add colour to bespoke itineraries, from botanists to ornithologists, historians to sommeliers. And when you’re ready for more information, or to ask us to create a tailor-made journey for you and your friends, please get in touch.

 The trip was a triumph. Loved by all. 

Edward van Cutsem

 The best holiday I've ever been on. 

Andrew Wright

 Everything about it exceeded my hopes. With your knowledge of the countryside and attention to detail you have created something really special. I can't think of a single thing I would change. I was completely captivated by your friends and their hospitality and all the places we stayed in." 

Sarah Robinson

 A brilliant trip in every way and I cannot sing the praises of your team enough. Their enthusiasm, attention to detail and passion was evident at every moment. They did really seem to be enjoying it as much as we were, and they were all the time working so hard to make it so perfect for us!" 

James & Claire Birch