In June 2018 we welcomed Pamela Goodman – Travel Editor of House & Garden magazine – and a group of her friends for a five night holiday in Transylvania, Central Romania. They spent five days cycling and walking in the Saxon lands with our guides and lovely host Bree. On her return home Pamela wrote this cracking little piece for the magazine, describing The Slow Cyclist experience in one paragraph better than I’ve managed in four years of trying.



“Our journey begins in the tiny village of Richis and follows a route over the course of five days to the exquisite Saxon villages of Malancrav, Crit and Viscri, by way of the picture-book town of Sighisoara with its celebrated citadel. Each night brings a new accommodation experience – a fifteenth-century mansion, or a restored village house or farm, but always picturesque and unexpected.”

And I was particularly thrilled to read that Pamela appreciated the little touches; the surprises that we think make our journeys so special…

“And herein lies part of the brilliance of this trip – there are numerous ‘surprises’ (to elaborate here would be to ruin them) laid on each day, particularly at meal times. Prepare yourself for a treat – in the quality of the guides (two cycle with each group), the food, the wine (Romanian wine is surprisingly good), the places you stay and, above all, the history and antiquated rural landscapes of Transylvania. I would go back in a heartbeat.”

Fast forward a few months and Clemmie, my wife, was spending a rainy Saturday lunch time admiring the new, and very smart, H&G website (her handmade Romanian ceramics were recently featured – we’re quietly taking over the web) and she came across an article entitled “7 memorable trips to take in 2019.” Pamela again, calling her time with us “one of my best trips of last year.” Hooray, that’s what we like! Oh, and did I mention that Rwanda gets a mention in the safari section too? It’s so hot right now, especially for cycling, I promise!

Pamela Goodman’s original story was featured in the September edition of House & Garden UK and can be found online here. Her rundown of the hottest trips of 2019 is here, and includes a Namibian safari, a sail down the Nile and an island retreat in French Polynesia. I’m confident we can compete with that lot! 

If you’d like to bring a group of friends cycling or walking in Romania with us, or if you’d prefer to join one of our scheduled journeys, get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through dates and options.

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