Do what you love. It’s the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given.

It’s why I quit my job in 2009 and spent 14 months cycling to Australia. And it’s also why, in 2011, I moved to Rwanda as the first Project Director of the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation, now Cricket Builds Hope.

I’m often asked why we take people cycling in Rwanda. “Transylvania, Greece, Georgia and…. Rwanda?”

Well, one of the reasons is that I love the place, and I grew to love it when I spent two years living there in 2011-2013. The product of my labour is here, below….

Gahanga Cricket Stadium, Rwanda

The construction of the stadium was completed in 2017, by which time we were welcoming increasing numbers of guests to Rwanda. Now, we always offer a visit to our slow cyclists, and Captain Eric tells the wonderful tale of how cricket came to the country after the 1994 genocide.

There are more photos of the ground and pavilion in the Arch Daily. I believe it’s Rwanda’s finest building. An example of what can be achieved with natural materials and local labour.

If you’d like to travel to Rwanda with us to see the ground and the gorillas, as well as pedal a few hills, drop us a line.

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